ABOUT Lab On Locale®

Lab On Locale

  • Quit Sending Sample To A LabInstead bring the lab to you.
  • Air Testing In Real TimeEliminates shipping lag time.
  • Delivers Analytical Reports RapidlyWithout delivering air samples anywhere.
  • ISO 17025 AccreditedMeeting most worldwide requirements.
  • Starting Up An Air-Lab EnterpriseIs quick, affordable, and simple.

Technological Breakthrough – Bring The Air Lab To You

The gap has closed on getting breathing-air (or other gas) samples to a lab for analysis. Instead, X-zam® Labs brings the laboratory to you! Lab On Locale® is an ISO* 17025 accredited methodology... facilitating analysis in real-time. Using a 2-part system, a specimen is collected anywhere in the world and entered into a sending unit. This specimen is then sent to X-zam® Labs via internet connection. Once arriving at the lab, the "specimen" is processed by a technician who has full laboratory instrumentation at their command. Minutes later test reports are transmitted back to the sending unit.

Start-Up Your Own Lab Enterprise – Testing Breathing Air For Yourself or Others

Lab On Locale® enables start-up of an accredited air lab enterprise nearly immediately. Within days and anywhere in the world your lab could be conducting tests… having accredited laboratory documents returned in a flash! Eliminate costly start-up, staffing, and equipment of a conventional air-lab. With the advent of Lab On Locale® physically transporting compressed-air speciments to a distant lab is a relic. Gone are the time lags & complications of transporting air specimens to some off-site laboratory. No more risk of producing contaminated breathing air during the gap of laboratory response!

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* International Standards Organization (ISO)