Lab On Locale® DETAILS

As an air-lab facility there are certain aspects of operating your "lab" that ought to be taken into account. Beyond the initial set-up costs & logistics and the ongoing testing of specimens... there are other matters and costs that you may encounter. Fortunately the costs are easily controlled and still remain efficient.

  • Internet Communicationinternet is a must.
  • Operating Hoursextended hours are offered.
  • Capabilitiestest criteria are fixed.
  • Feesthere may be added fees.
  • Re-accreditationtakes place every year.

Lab On Locale® equipment is built around certain analytical parameters. It's important that these parameters be discussed in detail during the ordering process. Once configured, the Lab On Locale® is dedicated to those test parameters only and must come back to the factory for re-fitting to others.


Because there is human interaction at the X-zam® Lab's end of each analytical session – this places limitations on operating hours. These hours are established during the ordering process. Should you find that these hours are no longer sufficient, we offer alternative solutions. Contact customer service to learn more.


Prior the annual anniversary of the Lab On Locale® being placed into service, the unit and computer must come back to X-zam® Labs for re-accreditation. During this process X-zam® Labs will perform a tune-up as well. Take precautions, as this equipment is a fragile scientific instrument so be certain to use the impact resistant shipping case that was provided originally. Re-accreditation process my take several weeks and is dependent on shipping timelines.